About us

About Us

     Just about everyone has experienced the aggravation of broken cell phone glass. But the expense of getting new glass is not always an option and can cost $100 or MORE!  Having cuts on fingers or face is also not an option. Introducing Safe Swipe Cell Phone Repair Glue!

Safe Swipe effectively fills cracks in broken cell phone glass protecting fingers and face! Safe Swipe also prevents smaller cracks from expanding! Safe Swipe may also restore dead spots and connectivity! Safe Swipe is the sensible and cost effective answer for repairing broken cell phone glass!  Safe Swipe even works on tablet glass or any touch screen glass!

 It only takes 5 minutes! No WAITING to have use of your phone!No extravagant expense, no waiting, no down time!  Keep Safe Swipe in your purse or glovebox for repairs on the go!  Safe Swipe is the perfect gift for your phone obsessed teen!  Safe Swipe Cell Phone Glass Repair is everyone’s MUST HAVE ITEM!  Get back online today!! We let our product speak for itself. See our testimonials page!



  1. We wanted to create a product that people can afford
  2. We understand how important it is to stay connected
  3. We understand that not everyone can afford $100+ repair bills
  4. We understand that phones are fragile and frequently break and require repair
  5. We understand 50% of Smart Phone owners globally have experienced a broken screen at some point
  6. We understand 42% of broken screen owners cite expense as the #1 obstacle to repairing their smart phone screen despite suffering cuts on fingers or face
  7. Our product solves all of those issues quickly and cost effectively